Case Studies

Online and Social Networking Communities contains the following case studies from practitioners and researchers across the world:

Canadian Border Crossing in a Virtual World: A Simulation in Second Life
Ken Hudson and Kathryn deGast-Kennedy, Loyalist College, Canada

Hope This Helps: Peer Learning Using Discussion Forums
Chris Bissell, David Chapman and Karen Kear, The Open University, UK

 Ekademia: A Learning Environment Using Elgg Social Software
Thomas Ryberg and Helle Wentzer, Aalborg University, Denmark

Pedagogical Discourse: Tools for Promoting Learning and Participation in an Online Discussion Forum
Erin Shaw and Jihie Kim, University of Southern California, USA

Blogging to Build Community Among Pre-service Teachers
Lisa Kervin and Jessica Mantei , University of Wollongong, Australia, and Anthony Herrington, Curtin University, Australia

 Online Discussion and Community: Barriers to Participation
Elisabeth Skinner, University of Gloucestershire, UK

 Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff: New Features for Discussion Forums
Nick Heap and Karen Kear, The Open University, UK

 Sharing with the Shabab
Mark Curcher, Dubai Men’s College, United Arab Emirates

 Sharing Images, Creating Communities
Georgy Holden, The Open University, UK

 Using Twitter to Build Peer Communities
Jo Badge, Stuart Johnson, Alex Moseley and Alan Cann, University of Leicester, UK

 Real-time Communication in a Mathematics Online Learning Community
Birgit Loch, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia and Christine McDonald, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

 Synchronous Conferencing for Language Learning
Joseph Hopkins, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain

 Peer Assessment via E-portfolios: The Issue of Anonymity
Youmei Wang, Wenzhou University, China

 Using Forums and Wikis for a Group Project
Judith Williams and Helen Donelan, The Open University, UK

 Using Online Communication to Support Young Learners of English
Christa Hamilton, Berufsbildende Schulen, Germany

 Using Open Educational Resources in a Developing Country
Rwagasana Gerard, National University of Rwanda