Chapter 8

Assessment for Learning in Online Communities

This chapter discusses how assessment can be used to support online learning. The role of feedback is considered, whether provided by the teacher, by computer, or by learners themselves. The chapter considers how tools such as forums, wikis and e-portfolios can be used for assessment purposes. It also discusses the issues raised when assessing collaborative activities. In particular, the chapter considers how online group projects can be assessed fairly, taking into account the process of the collaboration as well as the product.

Chapter contents list:

  1. Assessment for Learning
  2. Assessment and Feedback
  3. Computer-assisted Assessment
  4. Peer Assessment and Review
  5. Self-assessment
  6. E-portfolios for Reflection and Feedback
  7. Case Study – Peer Assessment Via E-Portfolios: The Issue of Anonymity
  8. Collaboration and Participation
  9. Online Group Projects
  10. Case Study – Using Forums and Wikis for a Group Project
  11. Collusion and Plagiarism
  12. Key Points for Practitioners
  13. Further Reading