Chapter 9

Supporting Online Learning Communities

This chapter brings the book to a close by focusing on the role of the teacher in supporting online learning communities. It discusses a number of aspects that teachers need to bear in mind when designing online settings and activities:

  • the learners
  • the course topic
  • the tools
  • the teachers themselves.

The chapter considers what is involved in moving from face-to-face teaching to an online or blended learning context. It also presents the perspectives of teachers who have made this move.

Chapter contents list:

  1. The Changing Role of the Teacher
  2. The Learners
  3. The Course Topic
  4. The Available Technologies
  5. Three Short VLE Case Studies
  6. Case Study – Using Online Communication to Support Young Learners of English
  7. The Teacher
  8. Teachers’ Views and Experiences
  9. Online Learning in a Developing World
  10. Case Study – Using Open Educational Resources in a Developing Country